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Frequently Asked Questions

What does my dog need to bring for boarding?

-Food (enough for their stay in a sealed container)

-Vaccination Record Copy

-Treats (especially if there are known allergies)

-Any items your pup is attached to

*Please refrain from sending any toy or bedding items that cannot be washed in a standard washing machine.

*While toys are wonderful to send, please refrain from sending any that cannot be disposed of after extensive use.

How far in advance do I need to book?

Grooming: 3 weeks

Most grooming clients are on a 4-6 week rotation which allows some flexibility with booking roughly three weeks out.  New clients are encouraged to book one month in advance.

Boarding: Summer/ Holidays 3 months

Off season boarding varies with the time of year, but we do everything we can to accommodate all pups regardless of notice. Text for availability.

Do you work with aggressive dogs?

Crutchfield Acres specializes in being able to handle almost any situation or specific need.  Please contact us today to discuss any behavioral issues or potential accommodations.

What is your facility like?

Our facility was built in 2022 and features spacious 5x5 suites for training and boarding pups.  Our property also features long wooded trails for daily walks with our staff as well as over 40,000 sq ft of fenced play yards.  Please check our facebook page for pictures, videos, and updates within our facility!

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