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Instinct Flirt Pole

The Instinct scented flirt pole for dogs is the first of its kind. Developed to excite the natural chasing instinct through sight, smell and feel. This rugged and stylish flirt pole is well designed by dog owners who understand the needs of working equipment. Each size comes with 1 scented Critter Tail (other styles sold separately). Proudly made in the USA!  Available in 36" or 24"

36" $48.99

24" $42.99


Instinct Reward Tugs

Scented- This is our secret sauce! After hours of field testing with different scents, we came up with the perfect recipe. Our combinations are hard to resist the canine nose. Our scent recipe is 100% earth and pet safe. 
Sturdy-  Heavy duty triple stitched handle for those strong tugging beast.
Our Tugs are handcrafted with top quality synthetic furs.

Screen Shot 2022-01-12 at 12.16.57 PM.png

Mini Scented Teaser

This all-breed tiny teaser is specially recommended for use in the show ring or with a scent driven dog for aversion in high stress scenarios. Your secret weapon to bring out their best!
-Finger loop for in hand control
-Keeps your dog's attention
-No squeaker
-Heavy duty double stitching
-Fits nice in the pocket without bulk
-Machine Washable (air dry only)

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