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Crutchfield Acres retails for many of the brands we utilize in our training programs.

*All items are for local pickup only


OneFitK9 offers some of our most heavily utilized training tools for all high drive dogs.  For everything from Flirt Poles to Scented Tugs- they are your people.  They also offer dock diving lessons at their facility in Red Oak, VA for anyone interested in exploring the sport.


Kurgo / PetSafe

Kurgo and PetSafe offer a wide variety of products from training treat bags to Gentle Leaders/ leashes.  These tools have the unique ability to offer maximum control in while working with your pup in a wide range of scenarios.


E-Collar Technologies

E-Collar Technologies produces the worlds leading e-collar, the Mini Educator.  This tool offers a humane avenue to giving your pup the freedom that they deserve with all the safety that they need. E-collars should only be utilized after extensive training.

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